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Kinsale, the End of a Wild Ride

For some, Kinsale is the natural start of the Wild Atlantic Way. For us, at first it was only a name in the end of a very long bicycle ride that started from Donegal and followed the nooks and crannies of the coastal route on our way south. “Historic fishing village” and “colourful” were the main presumptions we went by as we looked forward to our arrival, but as we got closer to County Cork we started to hear all about its food.

“You got to try Fishy Fishy! And Blue Haven! And don’t forget about the other Kinsale Good Food Circle restaurants!” were comments we got during fleeting encounters in bars, restaurants and hotels when we told where we were headed to. And as the list got longer, it started to look like our schedule in Kinsale was set.

We were going to eat Kinsale. Not a bad idea really, as eating was something that was high priority on our list after biking roughly 100 kilometres a day, five days a week for five weeks.

More Than Food

But Kinsale did have few other tricks up its sleeve besides delicious food.

For a weekend visit or a short stay before or after the Wild Atlantic Way Kinsale proved to be just the perfect size. We strolled its hilly streets, took in the colours of the facades of the tightly stacked terraced houses and marvelled the boats moored in the harbour. We got a dose of history coupled with humour while on Dermot Ryan’s guided one-hour tour of the village and made a quick trip to the Charles Fort outside the village centre.








We took photos, stopped for a massage, sat in the cafés and marvelled the views from the Rocklands House B&B at the top of the Compass Hill. Friends travelled from Dublin to spend a long weekend with us and as we were in Kinsale, naturally we ate excellent food.

The Next Visit

Apparently there would have been so much more to see and do from in and around Kinsale from horse back riding to whale watching and harbour tours, but sometimes it’s best not to pack everything in.

We definitely left more to see for the next visit.

By Satu Vänskä-Westgarth,
Images: Satu Vänskä-Westgarth and Kate Cornfield
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