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How can you stand out from the crowd, when marketing to your audience in a noisy environment? Every business keen to succeed is asking this key question. When you consider ‘a picture’s worth thousand words’ just imagine what video can do for you – it must be worth millions.

I’m Julie Silfverberg of SuccessVideos and I work with businesses like yours, to support you in creating the message you want to share. If you feel reluctant to put yourself in front of the camera we can find many creative solutions. Furthermore as a coach for many years I can help you build a compelling story to raise your profile and make your business stand out from the crowd.

Why not check out to get a flavour of some of the people with whom I have worked and the videos we have created together. Then decide for yourself if you are ready to boost your marketing within the evolving video landscape. If you put it off until later you might get left behind!

Give me a call 087 614 2980 and let’s talk.

EMAIL: [email protected]
Compass Hill
​Co Cork

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