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The Transition Town Kinsale ‘50 Mile’ Award

The 50 Mile Award is a community initiative which is facilitated by Transition Town Kinsale. The benefits of this ‘Making it Local’ Award to the community are many as it enables us and visitors to support local businesses while enjoying the best of local produce.

The Transition Town Kinsale ‘50 Mile Meal’ Award was launched by Derek Davis at the 2007 Gourmet Food Festival and featured until 2014. The award was given to any dish prepared with ingredients produced within a 50 mile radius of the town. Two prizes were awarded at ‘The Mad Hatters Taste of Kinsale’:- the most exquisite 50 Mile Meal and the TTK Special Commendation.

TTK launched the next phase of this Award scheme at the National Chowder Cook-Off in 2012 and now the 50 Mile Meal Award can be found on the menus of restaurants and cafés in town.

The 50 Mile Award can be found in many shop around town where products which are grown or produced in Cork are highlighted for the consumer. The Award is a feature at the Kinsale Farmers Market and is also been used to promote the work of local artists and craftspeople.

How to get involved – If you would like to participate in this local award scheme or you would like to help with this initiative contact us here.


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