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Pipers Funfair Kinsale

Pipers Funfair in Kinsale has an old-time atmosphere and charm it’s a place where cross generations can meet, from grandparents to teenagers and tiny-tots.  The Funfair has been in Kinsale since 1939 its longevity is testament to the enjoyment it has brought to so many young and old. There is a delightful hand-painted Carousel that’s over 100 years old and other quirky rides from different eras for small children.  Then there are the bumper cars of course for all age groups.  One of the draws to this funfair is the music that Bill plays, its all from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s he will not play any of the new electronic thumping music.

From May to September the Funfair resides on the Seafront overlooking the harbour. Bill Piper and his son Brendan are carrying on the tradition of ‘Showmen” the original name for people who run amusements, side shows and fairs. The people who brought acts of illusion and curiosity to local towns. Parked within the funfair is the ‘Showman’s’ caravan a work of art, painted turquoise green, lovingly made by Bill Pipers father, made only with wooden pegs, no nails where used at all.

The Funfair is a wonderful piece of history attached to the town of Kinsale and is a highlight not to missed. Go and enjoy the colour, music and banter from Bill Piper and be whisked away to another world.


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