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Kinsale Pink Ribbon Walk 2019 – Everything you need to know!

We chatted with Sharon Crosbie, Ambassador for the Kinsale Pink Ribbon Walk ahead of this Sundays event about her involvement in the charity as well as what people can expect from this years event.


Sharon, thank you so much for chatting to us! How long have you been running the Pink Ribbon Walk & what compelled you to get involved?  

“This is the 8th year of The Kinsale Pink Ribbon Walk, I got involved the first year having been invited by the Committee at the time to be a Brand Ambassador. One one of my very dear friends had just gone through her treatment so I didn’t think twice. It’s one of the proudest things for me to be involved in. “


We understand Kinsale is the last remaining Pink Ribbon Walk in the country. Can you tell us more about the upcoming event and how people can get involved and support ?

“Sadly we are the Pink Ribbon Walk remaining, we hope that there will be a revival of all the other brilliant walks that took place and fingers crossed they are just taking a break. We have a fantastic Committee & the Community spirit in the town of Kinsale is abundant with support. We have had an average of 600 walkers each year with over 1,000 people on one occasion and we are hoping to keep the numbers as high to help in the fight against cancer. The monies raised to date by The Kinsale Pink Ribbon are  over €260,000 over the past 8 years . A lot of dosh from a little town. “


That’s a fantastic achievement ! Can you share any future plans you have for the Pink Ribbon Run/Walk? 

“Our plans are to keep first and foremost the awareness of breast cancer and early detection is as high on the agenda as it so needs . Secondly , to help in every way we can and walk the walk while we talk the talk ! This years Committee has two breast cancer survivors , two daughters who’s Mum lost her battle & two new Mums , a sister of a survivor who even shaved her head in support for her sister going through treatment , everyone on the committee is selfless & has had someone or have gone through breast cancer . We will keep our walk for as long as it’s needed to keep up the cause . We have massive support from hubbies, boyfriends & friends.  Will we be seeing you there ?  Oct 6th ! 12o’clock ! Get your pink on ! “


For more information and to register click below:

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