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The Perfect Food & Wine Pairings This Christmas

Explore Christmas 2019 with The Wine Buff  ~ Perfect Food and Wine Pairings for every course


For your First Course

Smoked salmon seems to be one of the favourites of The Wine Buff shops, you’ll need to match the smoked fish flavour and the oily texture with good acidity. Choose our Colbois Chablis (€23.99) which has good acidity to cleanse the palate. If you’re having a salty starter then try matching it with our organic french rose from \Chateau Beaubois (€14.99), the salt will add to the sensation of body and fullness to the wine.For Pate try with ripe acidic wines such as our Biodynamic Alsace Riesling, (€18.99) and if asparagus is being served, then a perfect match is the Ocean Bay New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. (€18.99) And as always Champagne is a great pairing for most if not all starters.


The Main Feast

For most of us Christmas dinner isn’t dinner without turkey. It’s a dish with a low fat content so avoid tannic wines as they will make the meet seem harsh and dry. Also, cranberry is sweet, and this also needs a young fruity low in tannin wine. A good red option would be a wine from Apollonio (€19.99) in Italy and for white choose a full bodied Chardonnay such as the award-winning Novi (€29.99) For Goose or Duck match the oily meat with high acidic, tannic wines. Red burgundy is perfect. If you are opting for a nut roast pair with a fruity red to balance with the flavour, the Chronus a wine from the Dao region of Portugal would be a great match.


Sumptous with Deserts

Traditional Christmas or Christmas cake is a must at the end of a festive dinner and is delicious eith a Ruby port. A general rule of thumb with desserts is to have a wine sweeter than the dessert itself. For an apple pie match the acidity and the sweetness of the sugar with a sweet white such as a Loupiac from Bordeaux. With traditional Sherry Trifle serve with a Pedro Ximenez and with lemon tart or cheesecake try a Tokaji wine, it has plenty of sweetness and a zesty orange finish to compliment the acidic desert.


Crackers about Cheese

This is my favourite course and having the right wine enhances the character of the cheese. For hard cheeses such as cheddar or Manchego a medium bodied red like our Ontanon Rioja Crianza (€16.99) is a perfect pairing. For blue cheeses such as Stilton, Cashel Blue, Rocquefort and Gorgonzola the classic pairing tends to be sweet wines, for example Sauternes with Rocquefort or Stilton and Cashel Blue with Port. These wines are very concentrated and cut through the pungent saltiness of the creamy blue cheese.


Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

~ Kate O’Mahony, Marnie & Lily and The Wine Buff Kinsale.


The Wine Buff is happily situated as part of Marnie & Lily at 5R Shearwater, Pier Rd across from the marina. They host wine tastings and events throughout the year and are available for private group bookings and events. Please feel free to contact Kate on 021-4713948 with any queries.

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