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6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Quarantine

Earth Day – a cause for celebration.

It’s never been more important to celebrate what matters and on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, where people show their love and respect for the environment and nature, let’s play our part in thanking our little town for all it gives us.



Kinsale is beautiful this morning, basking in glorious sunshine and reminding us that we live in a truly unique place. In the last month Kinsale has provided comfort to us with its stunning walks, seascapes and scenery, some discovered for the first time by those exploring. The community spirit here has also blossomed, battle ready and full of strength, ready to mind those vulnerable and in need.


Our little sanctuary here in the south of Ireland has helped us over the last month and we should use this special day to return the favour.  Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate Earth Day from the safety of your home and the environs close to you –


  1. Take stock. Check your fridge for near best-before and use-by foods and be sure to use them up. Don’t let anything get thrown away today. Food waste is a major contributor to climate change and reducing it will make the Earth a clearer, safer place.
  2. Talk to your family and friends about your favourite local scenic spot – have the kids draw a picture and post it on FaceBook or Instagram tagging so everyone can spread the joy.
  3. If out for a walk, use gloves to pick up the rubbish along the paths and ditches – people have been discarding gloves, masks and the usual suspects.
  4. Don’t forget to look up! Star gaze tonight – teach everyone in your social unit about 2 stars you can see, their names, their distance to earth.
  5. Treat yourselves to a documentary tonight. Blue Planet, Blue Planet II, Sharkwater Extinction, Chasing Coral, Planet Earth, Dolphin Reef, Jane – the list goes on and on! There are so many to choose and it wonderful to see nature filmed so magnificently.
  6. Planting a tree in your garden is an Earth day tradition for many, for good reason. There is no better way to support the earth than to plant a tree, just be sure you are aware of what would thrive best for the environment you live in. Another lovely idea is to gift someone a plant they can use in their garden. This is a lonely time for many so it is a great idea to let your friends or family know you are thinking about them and send them a plant that they can replant into their garden.


If we lead by example, minding and respecting where we live, we create a ripple effect across the globe. We show we care and, more importantly, we show how to care. Let’s spread some positivity and flood Kinsale with messages of hope, optimism, and above all, action.


Written by Madeleine Murray, Plastic Free Kinsale and Change by Degrees. 

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