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Kinsale Digital Hub, C0-Working Space

Co-working Space In Central Kinsale

With huge changes in social and business interactions, Covid-19 is driving us to new ways of working.

Working from home has many advantages, you can avoid a commute, save money, and spend more time with family.  But there are disadvantages too, it’s harder to bounce ideas off fellow workers, to establish a company culture, and to network effectively with others.

Remote working hubs could represent something of a happy medium.  Essentially, they are co-working facilities where people from different companies can work alongside each other with access to good connectivity and a range of other facilities. Around 300 such hubs exist around the country enabling people to live and work in the regions instead of facing a long journey to work from the commuter belt.  They can help people enjoy a better quality of life, while also bringing more footfall to regional towns.

The Kinsale Digital Hub in the town centre has been revamped and meets the safety requirements of modern co-working space and the first of it’s kind in the area. Since the town reopened there has been a huge amount of new enquiries from firms looking to HQ here to startups looking for a desk and it suits SMEs and Entrepreneurs to have a low-cost base and good Wifi.

Some of the users of the hub find it useful to work there a few days a week such as CEOs working from home and to save on commuting. To have flexible work space suits those who may need a change from working from home as an alternative.

If you would like to apply for a space in the hub,  please contact or call 021 /4774500

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