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Fair Trade Town

On October 8th 2005 Kinsale became Ireland’s 2nd Fairtrade Town. In 2007 Kinsale was named Ireland’s 1st Best Fairtrade Town. Having a gourmet reputation has its responsibilities, and we believe our visitors appreciate that.
Fairtrade recognizes that many people in the Third World often receive so little of the price of foods we take for granted, they are forced to live in poverty. By guaranteeing a fair price is paid to producers Fairtrade allows them to plan, and invest in education, healthcare, and luxuries like electricity. Kinsale residents and visitors have the opportunity to make that happen every time they go to the shops.

Products which you can find in town carrying the Fairtrade Mark include coffee, tea, chocolate bars, fruit juice, honey, sugar, biscuits, cereal bars, bags of sweets, and bananas. We even have our own Fairtrade wine importer (Rushdale Wines) supplying shops, bars and restaurants, and our own Fairtrade coffee roaster (The Roasting House).

Many of the town’s hotels and cafes sell FairTrade tea and coffee including Acton’s, The Trident, The White House, Jim Edwards, Cucina, Crackpots, Muddy Maher’s, Cafe Blue, Hamlets, The Spinnaker and Max’s Wine Bar.

Shops supplying FairTrade products include The Bakers Oven, Mange Tout, Quay Food Company, Paperchase, Supervalu and Londis.

Local businesses that provide FairTrade tea/coffee for staff include Michael Walsh Engineering, Eileen’s Beauty Parlour, PJ Fitzgerald, Dillon Mullins, Eli Lilly, Fitzgerald and Partners, Cronin’s Commercial Hall, O’Shea Byrne Solicitors, Tom O’Sullivan Architects and Fitzgerald Marine Engineering.

The town council supports the Fairtrade initiative.

During Fairtrade Fortnight in 2006 Kinsale hosted the amazing Aliveera Kiza, 28 yr old tea grower and member of the women’s G8, from Tanzania. In 2007 we welcomed Sibo Ncube, a peace worker from Zimbabwe, and in 2008 Kojo Aduhene & Paul Ayepah, cocoa growers from Ghana.

Kinsale cares about where its food comes from, about its carbon footprint, and the need to buy local. Fairtrade commodities cannot be grown here however, so best to buy them on Fairtrade terms and add to the enjoyment. We hope you will

Look out for special events in March during international Fairtrade Fortnight, and around October 8th, our Fairtrade Town birthday.